OUR MISSION | Spreading the message that positive energy is great power. Here at Alliance Health and Fitness our goal is to serve you in all facets of your life. We understand that fitness is not the only thing involved in health. Our mission is to provide a results driven whole hearted approach to whatever is holding you back from being your healthiest and greatest self. 


OUR VISION | The vision of Alliance Health and Fitness is to provide ground breaking solutions globally to anyone who may feel like they are trapped in the box that they have been placed in due to society's standards. Taking those standards flipping them on their head and raising the bar to another level of standards previously seen as to far to reach.



MESSAGE FROM THE FOUNDER | My name is Michael Lampreia, I'm the founder of Alliance Health and Fitness.

I'd like to welcome you to AHF, I feel honoured and privileged that your journey towards self development has landed you here. Before we get any further I want to share with you a little bit about me, why I'm here and our purpose as a company. Cool? Great. So my personal journey in self development started long before I even knew what self development was. From the age of 9 I loved and played baseball. From 9-15 I was cut from a lot of teams not because I was a bad player, I just hadn't hit my potential yet.  So after I'd been cut for the last time around the age of 15, I'd made a decision that I was going to become great, work harder and become the best shortstop in the city. I don't know if I ever achieved that but I came pretty close.   

When I was 16 my friends and I decided to try out for a much more competitive team than we'd been used to and we went for it and actually made the 18 year old team.

There I was playing a league almost 2 years older than my age I was thrilled and thought my dreams of playing major league baseball were coming to fruition. All I ever saw my self doing was going to an American University and then going to the big leagues. It was all fine and dandy except I was ignoring one huge aspect of this whole thing. I needed to get out of high school to capitalize on any of these opportunities being offered to me. I was being offered scholarships to schools in the states, it was all I'd ever wanted however at this point the following year was coming up and not even the greatest of miracles could have helped me finish the remaining credits I needed to graduate high school. This realization devastated me and I realized at that moment that it can't just be about commitment to to one physical skill, I needed the brain to get to the next step. Although I knew this, I had no way to deal with the devastation and it shattered me even though subconsciously I knew this would happen. We all know you can't go to college until you graduate High School and I knew I had bad grades.

This threw me into a spiral of self destruction at a young age at around 20 years old I'd got caught up with an older crew. I got caught up in things I wasn't proud of, I started using a lot of drugs forgot, about my physical and mental health and pretty much just stopped taking care of my self all together. It got so bad that I contracted a terminal immune system virus, even after I learned this new reality for my life, I still didn't take care of my self because mentally I wasn't prepared to deal with traumatic situations like this. So I continued to spiral to a new low until one morning I came home to my grandmother's basement after being out for the whole weekend and I was lying on the floor crying and I said this isn't life, it's not how you're meant to live. On this planet there's more to life than the situation I was in.  I was miserable so in that moment my life changed. I'd hit my bottom, no money, no life and no real anything.

I knew I had to build up my productive habits and the first thing I did was join a gym in my neighbourhood. Taking it back to what I knew and was comfortable with; exercise. Working out is where I discovered the power of self development and what happens to someone when you make a plan for something and stay persistent in your approach. How achievable anything can be, with the right mindset. I would use this gym at all hours of the day and night sometimes going at midnight and staying until 3am just to exhaust myself from the possibility of making a poor decision that I would regret. After a couple months I started to see some results, I started to believe in the process. I started to see first hand what committing to something could do for a persons mental head space, it gave me a sense of enjoyment and purpose. I started to educate my self further on the body and after seeing more results in the gym, I thought that if I could do this for myself in by most desperate time of need that this is something people need in their life. It can help with so many things and taken seriously it can change the trajectory of your life and when you realize this for yourself there is a powerful shift that takes place. I can't wait to work with you on this journey.  

I knew I had to spread this message to the masses, I knew at this point that I wanted to help people. I never want someone to feel desperate or inadequate about themselves both things that I have felt in depth in my life and I'm very aware of the negative effect it can have on one's feeling of self worth . So I chose to become a personal trainer with the goal of working with people one on one to achieve their fitness goals. I excelled as a trainer I had instant connection with my clients and colleagues, later becoming a high level personal trainer at the gym then later becoming the Fitness Manager all within a 2 year period. However after some time passed I was feeling empty, I felt like there was something missing in my life. I felt like I wasn't quite hitting the mark, I was losing motivation and purpose in that atmosphere. Living that same corporate middle management style of life it just wasn't for me.

My whole intention when getting into this was to bring the message to the masses remember? So that's why today you're here.

Our goal as a company is to bring self development to the world through our various platforms aspiring to teach, motivate and inspire the masses to live the quality of life we all deserve we just need to learn how to earn it for ourselves.